Sunday, February 28, 2010

How It All Began

When I was ten years old, I was fascinated by the beautiful, lip-smacking pictures of cakes and cookies in the few bake booklets my stepfather had. I would always sneaked a peek at the books whenever I had the opportunity. I started working in the kitchen (at home) at that age as I was helping my Grandma to cook. Bless her, it was through her that I learnt how to cook but not to bake. I was yearning to bake.
The long-awaited chance came when I started 'Domestic Science' ( known as Home Economics now) in Secondary 1. At last I could learn to bake! It was 'Rock Cakes'. I was surprised that the whole baking process was so easy. I could'nt wait for the next DS lesson - it became my favourite subject.
Thus I embarked on my baking journey, trying out recipes with attractive pictures that appealed to me.
When I started working, I brought the baked products for my colleagues to try. It was a good friend who suggested that I should teach baking or sell my cakes. She started the ball rolling by taking orders for me and even organising the baking classes. Orders kept pouring in and I had to juggle all that with my work. It was a journey I enjoyed and never regretted.

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