Monday, March 1, 2010

One-Dish Meal in a Jiffy

Have you ever gotten up one morning and had this feeling of 'Awww, what to cook today?' Well today I felt that way and so I looked into the fridge and ah hah!....... Fried rice! Digging into the storage compartment, I came up with a carrot, a couple of string beans , 'bak kwa' and a packet of leftover rice from Friday.

I have this habit of preparing a little extra of certain food. eg fried ikan bilis, white bait, dried prawn sambal, nasi lemak sambal and even spices for cooking green curry and other dishes. I store them in air-tight containers in the freezer for the wet spices and others in the fridge. They last for 6 months or more and flavour-wise, they still taste good. They come in handy whenever I have to cook certain dishes and I don't have to peel, slice and grind just to cook for three persons.
My freezer is full of plastic containers of assorted ground spices for green curry, rendang, buah keluak, ayam kunyet and kuah lada.

How do I do it? Pick a 'Mum's not cooking day' a week. Go marketing for all the spices required, enough to get at least three portions and process them and store. Do the same for other recipes and before you know it, you would have three to four types of spices. You can cook the same dish every three weeeks. All you have to do is to buy the meat and veggies.

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