Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lilies and Roses

Flowers - they are one of God's many beautiful creations. Give me a garden of flowers and I will simply be intoxicated with their beauty and experience euphoria. Man's creation can never outdo God's. Flowers real or artificial, big or small, single or cluster, from trees or shrubs, among the grass or on cakes always make me happeee!

I spent some time to create some lilies and roses for cakes. Making the roses was a breeze but the lilies gave me heartache (first time not happy with flowers haha!). I broke all the petals of every lily when I attempted to remove them from the foil. I was using royal icing. I wanted to give up and then it dawned on silly me that I could make them out of fondant. And so I did, though not so well-done. I shall try again.


  1. Thanks. The lilies would be appropriate for the coming Easter as they are called easter lilies.


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