Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

The weather these days has been unbearably and excruciatingly hot! We, all around the world, are to be blamed. Global warming did not just happen naturally. We have a beautiful planet which is now converging on the brink of destruction. It's difficult to pinpoint the culprits who are putting us in this dilemma. Whether it's the MNC worldwide or the man in the street , we are all responsible for this predicament. Don't waste paper! Don't waste food! Don't waste energy! Don't waste water! Don't smoke! Don't burn down forest! Don't emit so much smoke! Don't use air-conditional often! Don't..................I could go on. The list is long. It's a little too late for the governments from various countries to meet and try to come up with solutions. Every country wants to prosper. Production of all sorts increases. Hence the planet suffers. We suffer too! Enough said! Guess the heat got to me!

While we have to put up with this unrelenting hot weather, perhaps we still have time to enjoy a cool drink or a 'cooling' dessert like green bean soup.

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