Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My second grandson celebrated his birthday not too long ago. I baked him two cakes - his favourite theme, Sponge Bob and Transformer. The latter was for his kindergarten mates. It was my second attempt at using marshmallow fondant on the cakes. The first was for my third grandson who turned one last November - Mr Men
I came across this recipe and decided to take up the challenge of decorating the cake. I had never done fondant before and I had stopped icing cakes eons ago. So it was like starting all over again, but this time it was something different. Previously my cakes were done with buttercream or fresh cream.
I didn't want to use the ready-to-use fondant as I have read reviews that it tasted terrible. Anyway, the MM fondant is made of marshmallow and icing sugar which makes it more palatable.
I have a few more birthday cakes to think of. Hmmm.......


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