Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healthy Curry and Spinach with Mushroom

My blogging is getting less frequent nowadays. I've been cooking more than baking because I realised that my bake products have been partly responsible for my not-too-good health.
I am currently exploring healthy baking. Once I have mastered the perfect tweaking, will I share the recipes.

Cooking healthy is much easier than baking healthy. Cakes, cookies and some other baked products do not taste as great when butter is substituted.
For the coming festive season CNY, I will be baking a little just to get into the mood but the cookies will probably be healthier but not necessarily tastier??

I cooked curry the other day for lunch. It was a curry with a difference. There are many versions of curries with some using yoghurt, pureed tomatoes, milk and coconut milk.
I used unsweetened soya bean milk in place of coconut milk. While I know that coconut milk has some good health benefits, but its not so healthy benefits outweighed the pros. Coconut milk need not be struck off completely in any recipe but I can do with less of it for now.

I have used soya bean milk in cooking laksa and other dishes that required coconut milk. It did not the affect the taste of the dishes as the spices did a good job of camouflaging. I also cut down the oil for frying the spices. Hence you do not see a layer of oil gleaming on the surface of my curry.

Carrots, potatoes and a small portion of lean minced beefballs

A healthy spinach and mushroom dish with traces of oil and oyster sauce

I shan't post recipes for these because I know there are many curry and stir-fried veggies recipes available online. Any curry recipe will do, just substitute the coconut milk with something healthier


  1. Eating healthy is good but I would hate to compromise the taste too. Jungle curry is pretty good and does not contain any coconut milk. I use a lot of oil to fry my sambal paste still but when it is done, I cool it down and leave it in the fridge overnight and skim off the solidified fat the next day. Don't know how you could fry it with little oil!

  2. Both are my favourite dishes! I like having my rice with curry gravy.

  3. I love both delicious and healthy dishes, esp. the spinach ... very fresh and delicious.

  4. Hi Quinn,
    The moment I add in the spices, I don't stop stirring until I see a little oil squeezing out of the spices and I know it's done! Tastewise it's still good.

    Hi Doris,
    My fave too.

    Hi Angie,
    I practically ate up half of the spinach!

  5. Love such healthy homemade dishes :) I know they are good.


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