Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leek Omelette, Minced Meat Taukwa & Pesto Broccoli and Mushroom

This year I am embarking on a mission, a healthy-eating mission.
Doctor's advice and I'm taking it up seriously!
Of course there will be the occasional indulgence.

What's Less?
In cooking, there will be less deep-fried food, less use of oil in stir-fries,
less salt, less red meat, less processed food and so it goes on.......
In my baking, there will be less butter and less sugar.
Less snacking too!

What's More?
More veggies, more fruit, more fish, more high-fibre grains, more low-fat ingredients and more exercises!

This is what I cooked for lunch. Though it's the usual fare, but with a difference. The dishes contain a trace of canola oil in them and not forgetting less salt!
My hub is going along fine with the 'bland' taste. He, who has a penchant for salty and oil-rich foods, is quite compliant with what I place on the dinner table!

Leek Omelette, using two egg whites and one egg yolk

Sliced Taukwa with Minced Pork Fillet in Oyster Sauce

Microwaved Broccoli and Shitake Mushroom in Pesto (trace of butter used)


  1. I think it's nice la.
    I think hoh, less salt doesn't mean it's bland.
    It's just how we use subtitution to replace the missing flavour. And I know, you can do it well.

  2. Great resolution and a great start to eat healthy and a sweet husband who is so supportive. Keep it up! You are doing well :D

  3. I love this leek omelette prepared with more whites. Yummy with some sweet potato congee.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I actually love to eat healthy, but for hub's sake, my cooking has been not so healthy - the price I paid! :(

    Hi Mary,
    Hub has no choice now cos his wifey is not so healthy! Heehee!

    Hi Angie,
    Yup this dish is nice to eat - leek is a family favourite!

  5. Hey,

    Beautiful leek omelette...:)Happy new year to you!!:)


  6. Indeed healthy dishes ... Health is more important. Well done!

  7. I am with you on your healthy mission. I have stopped using oyster sauce for a while now (I know it adds lots of flavor but the ingredients in oyster sauce are not that 'good" after all). :D

  8. your photos show that healthy cooking can be delicious too :)

  9. J, you are so slim to begin with..... I have balloon to 49kg! 3 extra kilo from the last you saw me... I am the one needing a good diet now!

  10. Hi Dr Sameena,
    Thanks and Happy New Year to you!

    Hi Yummy Koh,
    Agreed, health is important.

    Hi Tigerfish,
    I use oyster sauce sparingly, about a teaspoon or two. I like to eat healthy but because of my hub!

    Hi Noobcook,
    Yup, healthy cooking can be tasty with the right kind of ingredients.

    Hi Edith,
    I have 'graduated' from "S" size to XL size in my clothes. So can't be that slim. You are much younger, more active, so metabolism rate would be faster and can burn calories.


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