Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Been A Year! / Corned Beef Potato Patties

How time flies! A fleeting glance and it's been a year since I started venturing into the blogging world!
And what an adventure it has been for me, sailing across the world, visiting food blogs and making friends!
The wonders of the INTERNET!
How crippled we would be if the big plug is pulled out!! (shudders!)

Potato patties or bergedil in Malay has been a favourite of my hub! He eats it with lontong or rice whenever he buys nasi padang. In fact he loves potatoes in any form except mashed potato.
I was in a good mood (how often have I ever been in a bad mood?) and decided to pamper my hub with some potato patties with his favourite corned beef! As if I haven't pampered him enough for 37 years! Yup been married for that long and have known him for 40 years!
Sorry for digressing..... when one gets old, one tends to be long-winded! LoL!

The Recipe: (all measurements are estimated as I did it according to taste)

1. Skinned about 6 to 7 potato. Halved them and slow boil in water to soften.

2. Use a fork and mash coarsely or finely as preferred and leave to cool.

3. Chop a few sprigs of spring onions and slice some shallots.

4. Stir fry shallots till nice and brown and drain oil.

5. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of canned corned beef, spring onions, shallots, salt and pepper to taste. If you want it spicy, just add some chopped red chillies.

6. Mix thoroughly and roll into balls and flatten a little.

7. Beat an egg lightly. Dip patties in the egg and shallow fry in a pan. Turn over after a few minutes to cook the other side. Serve warm.

I made extras and kept them in the freezer.

These are bite size. Just pop one in the mouth!


  1. This is one of my favourite foods! Your hubby is a very lucky man :) Thanks for sharing, Judy. Your begedils look so mouth-watering.

  2. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! Hope to see more your interesting recipes in the coming years.

  3. Oops! I wanted to say this corned beef potato looks very delicious :))

  4. Awww... so sweet.
    Maybe it's like my hubby, whenever I make him something with chocolate, he'll eat with "ummm" and then maybe peck me on the cheek for making that. Big kids they are.

  5. i like to order this when i having meal at Malay stall. Any special celebration after 1 year of blogging? hehehe..Happy Blogging, looking forward more yummy foods from you. Nice to know you via blogging.

  6. Pop one in mine too. My girls love this so much. Actually anything with potato she will love it.

  7. I think they look addictive. Being so small and cute, I think I would be popping them into my mouth non stop :D Wonderful to know you enjoy blogging. Bet your hubby too, cos he gets to eat. My hubby sometimes gives me a weird look cos he can only start eating after I have taking the photos...haha

  8. hmmmm.....they look absolutely yummy!!!

  9. these are the perfect bite snacks snacks for popping during my favorite TV show! looks really delicious and mouthwatering :)

  10. Thanks to internet, then I get to know you :) I love anything with potato, your bergedil/perkedel looks yummy!

  11. I like begedils and usually use ground beef when I make them. Hmmmmm....corned beef is a nice option/alternative.

  12. Wow! Would u believe - that I just posted a recipe on how to make corned beef sandwiches on my blog and I come here to find corned beef potato patties which I think are genius! I can seriously see myslf trying this!

  13. Happy Blog Anniversary! The beef potato balls look wonderful.

  14. Happy Birthday to your blog.

    It is a must whenever I eat Nasi Padang! yum

  15. Happy anniversary, hope to see more goodies from your blog! Lovely 40 years, that's very cool!!!

  16. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! I'm looking forward to reading your wonderful creations in the coming years :)


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