Monday, December 10, 2012

Tauhu Goreng / Fried Beancake with Peanut Sauce

Lunch was tauhu goreng. It was easy to prepare just as long as you have the ground peauts at hand, an essential ingredient for this dish.
I do not have specific quantities for the ingredients used. I just estimated the amount of this and that and go by taste with lots of finger-licking!


Tau Kwa, pan-fried or deep-fried and cut to size
Tempeh, optiional (fermented soya beans), sliced and deep-fried
Taugay (beansprouts), scalded
Cucumber, sliced

Peanut Sauce: (to be prepared before frying the tau kwa etc)
Ground peanuts (I used store-bought)
Sugar and salt to taste
Lime juice to taste
Dark soya sauce to taste and colour
Garlic, minced, preference of how garlicky 
Chilli padi, preferred spiciness

1. Place garlic, chilli, lime juice and a little water and mix well.

2. Add ground peanuts, sugar and salt and mix together and add some water and soya sauce while mixing to the consistency and colour preferred.

3. Taste and add more of whatever you feel is required. Spoon a portion of the sauce over tau kwa and other veggies and tuck in!


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