Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grilled Fish or Ikan Bakar

My hub came back from a 5-day fishing trip at Pulau Dayang which is off Malaysia. As usual he would bring home so many fish that I would sigh silently.

Two problems I face :
(1) I dislike having to scale and de-gut all those fish. I would get poked by the dorsal fins and the hard gills. You might suggest that I put on gloves but I don't know how to work with gloves on.
(2)There's limited space in the freezer for all that catch.

The amount of fish could easily last us for more than two months if we were to eat them daily! Though having a fish diet is good for health, but can you imagine eating them every day! I'll probably sprout gills and scales!

The solution to this was to give some away to relatives, friends and neighbours which I was quietly elated when my hub suggested.

Now that the supply has dwindled after all the distribution, I am happier and less-stressed.

Now hub can have the fish cooked his favourite way!

Grilled Fish or Ikan Bakar (Malay literal translation for burnt fish) is a simple dish to prepare accompanied by a simple sauce. Usually the fish is grilled over charcoal. But I used a grill pan to 'pan fry' without oil to get the burnt effect.
The fish is eaten with a sauce made of sliced shallots, green chillies, lime juice and dark soya sauce.

Scad or Ikan Selar

All grilled!

Ready for the table

The Sauce


  1. ha ha you sound very much like my sister when her hubby went for deep sea fishing. She hates to clean the fish. So she will end up giving all the fish away.

  2. I hate scaling and de-gutting fish too! Oops! So usually ask the fishmonger to do it for me or buy fish fillets. But fresh whole fish (cleaned properly) taste so yummy when cooked.

  3. My husband likes fishing too but now he hardly has time to go for fishing trip :). But normally he dun bring fishes back.

  4. I dislike cleaning fish too! But omg...anything for delicious grilled fish like yours :D

  5. My brother loves fishing too! He goes fishing with friends almost every weekend. Funny thing is that he prefers eating pork to mum usually does all the scaling and cleaning...and I used to be the one who finished all the fish.

  6. I love fishing but now now more chance at all with the kids around.

    Too bad I am not staying nearby. If not I am sure I am going to be the lucky one. My family love fish.

  7. My brother-in-law loves fishing too. He would rather close his clinic a few days and go fishing. He even has a fishing boat! That must be passion. I love fishing, too, but using line and hook. Fresh fish are so delicious, cooked in any way. You are very lucky your hubby loves fishing!

  8. love the grill marks on the fish. 2 months supply - your hubby really good in fishing! I don't how to descale fish and I rely on the fish monger to prep for me hehe

  9. I love to get fish that has been cleaned! Love your grilled fish, nicely grilled!

  10. My husband loves fishing!! The ikan bakar looks great! Well done.

  11. Oh Yum Im feeling like making this right now. I LOVVVE grilled fish. I LOVVE fish. I could eat this everyday. Totally my kind of food. I think I shd blog this one day.


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