Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Fishing Trip

These pictures were taken in April last year when I went on a five-day fishing trip to Pulau Dayang. It took us about 10 hours from Singapore to reach the island off Mersing. The boat trip alone took us 6 hours! It wasn't a very comfortable ride because it was a boat meant for fishing. It didn't have all the comfort of a ferry nor a cruise boat. There weren't even proper seats at all. Each time when a wave backlash hit the boat, we had to cling to something or we could find ourselves in serious deep waters of the South China Sea!

The Fishing Boat

Fish Assorted

More Fish

Groupers Galore!

An Unfortunate Visitor! - A juvenile black tip reef shark
The shark (about 1 metre long) was caught in the night. The boatman had already gaffed the shark and we could not save it and release it! :(

These groupers were about 30 cm long!

The pictures only showed 2 days' worth of catch. We fished for about three and a half days and you can imagine the amount of fish we caught. We could not load all the fish into our cooler boxes to take home. The rest were left behind for the boatman to sell to the market at Mersing.

My hub's recent fishing trip brought home a much bigger haul in terms of numbers and size. The fishes were bigger and varied.


  1. Wah Wah Wah!!!
    You and ur hubby caught all those fishes???

    I'm sure you will have a lot of fish recipes coming up.

  2. Wooo...more fish?! I hope there is no Tigerfish! :O

  3. Busygran, you like fishing too? I refused to go with my husband, I am sure I cannot take such trip :P

  4. Judy I really envy your catch. Done once in a boat and I puked like crazy. Settled to the only choice of either jetty or kelong. Pity.

  5. Please reserve all the fish heads for me!!!
    Groupers!! oh man...I miss them!

  6. These are things that my dad would really enjoy, and they catch them and eat them on the spot for dinner, easily steamed to perfection with very little seasoning and rice...I've heard him talk a lot about his fishing trips but never could imagine how and never tag along even once...your pictures are of great help and easy the homesick and my memories of my dad a lot....Thank you so much...

  7. Hi Wendy,
    There were five of us fishing. But happy to say I caught the most for that day. I beat the guys hands down! LoL!

    Hi Tigerfish,
    Pity didn't catch any tiger fish because they are freshwater fish usually found in some large rivers of Africa.

    Hi Jess,
    My hub is the one who got me to like fishing. I like deep-sea fishing. More fun and sure to catch something!

    Hi Noobbook,
    If you were my neighbour, I would pass some over to you! I gave away some to my neighbours.

    Hi Edith,
    There's a fisherman's secret on how to prevent seasickness. Let you know on Sat.

    Hi Angie,
    If you're nearby, perhaps the next catch I'll pass some to you.

    Hi Quinn,
    I'm glad you now have an idea of what a fishing trip is all about. It's interesting and fun as long as you don't mind the sun.

  8. I did it once when I study in Uni in Penang. It was fun, we get to bring the fish we caught to a nearby restaurant for them to cook us a yummy dinner!

  9. you are one adventurous lady ! I dont think I wld do this altho Im pretty adventurous myself. In other ways. But it must have been fun. and OH those fresh fresh fish!


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