Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday!

My younger daughter just turned 21 a few days ago. This was her request for her cake! She didn't want anything too 'ku niang' or girlie! She's a soccer fan - not of local soccer but English soccer. Her favourite team is Liverpool! Alas! The team hasn't been performing and is currently 2nd from the bottom.

Initially I wanted to carve out Liverpool's logo but on second thoughts, it would probably take too much of my time and also stress me out!
Then my girl suggested that I make a football field and my hub chipped in with his recommendation of putting in some toy players. (He did not want me to get all 'kan cheong' or panicky trying to make the fondant figurines for good reasons). Well he went around some toy shops including Toys r Us but was unsuccessful in getting a set of players. So now what? No players?

Luckily for me, I dropped by at PH to buy some baking ingredients and chanced upon some sports cake toppers. I searched and found a set but there was no soccer ball!

The cake is my usual basic chiffon cake which I would flavour it accordingly. I decided on a strawberry flavour using freshly pureed strawberries and a little strawberry emulco.
There were four layers of cake and three types of frosting which were strawberry-flavoured swiss meringue cream, fresh strawberry jam (cooked the day before) and creamed cheese frosting.

The cake was a 38-cm square. The outer layer was covered with fondant which took me quite a long time to make and knead. To minimize the 'boyish' cake look, I added some fondant flowers to make it look more cheerful and also a fondant ball to complete the set! Thankfully my girl had no objections!

I realised that I did not take a shot of a sliced cake as I was too busy that night.


  1. This is a nice cake. Happy Birthday to your little one.

  2. Gosh, your cake is so beautiful! So much work and effort put in to come up with this creation and your girl must be so pleased! Happy B'day to her!

  3. What a huge cake you bake! My oven even smaller than this :) The cake is so impressive!

  4. wow wow wow .... you are an artist! How did you do all the decoration?
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  5. Hi Judy,
    This is such a lovely cake. It's a unique cake to have for a lady! Hahaha... As long as she likes it, it doesn't matter right? She's so lucky to have you made this wonderful cake for her! Happy belated birthday to her!

  6. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for dropping by! Just trying my best! Getting old and sometimes my fingers get arthritic! LOL!

  7. "Jaw drop"
    Nice cake for a nice 21 yr old lady :)
    Happy Birthday!!!

  8. wow! you are such an artist! your daughter is so lucky indeed!

  9. WOW! This is a perfect cake. Can I be your 徒弟?
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  10. Yes yes! You are a talent. I love the cake - so tastefully made with the sporty kick!

  11. Wow! This is a very beautiful cake. You are really good at decorating!

  12. This is really neat! And you made a fondant cake on a chiffon cake base?! I always thought it needed a "heavy" cake to support the fondant. Now my hands are itchy to try out fondant.

  13. Wow very pretty and neatly decorated. Well done - your daughter must be very touched. Nice meeting you last Saturday.

  14. The cake is very pretty! Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter.

  15. Hi Judy,

    This is another masterpiece coming from you, a very good job there! Happy belateed 21st birthday to your daughter. She's so lucky =]

    the buttercream, jam and cheese filling all sounds too enticing. yum yum..

  16. aww 21! Sounds like ages ago since I celebrated mine =P The good is so pretty!

  17. whata professional looking cake!fantastic!

  18. Quite amazing, you are! This is just awesome. WOW!

  19. How do you assemble the cake? Let me see if I get the sequence right.

    Day 1 bake cake, slice into layers and frost
    Day 2 prepare MMF and decorate

    Can the cake be chilled after covering with MMF? I read that the MMF will sweat when out of the fridge. Pls help as I'm planning to bake one for my son's birthday next month. Thanks.

  20. Hi Anonymous,
    Day 1 - Bake cake. Prepare frosting/buttercream etc.

    Day 2 - Frost cake and cover with MMF and decorate all in one day.
    Do not chill cake after MMF as it will sweat and become wet and sticky.
    Better if it can be placed in an air-conditioned room where air is dry. If the weather is humid, the MMF will also be slightly damp.

    If making figurines, best to use gumtex. Knead into required amount of MMF. Keep MMF wrapped in plastic in air-tight container to prevent drying. Figurines can be made 2 weeks ahead to allow them to harden and will not break easily.
    Hope this helps.


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