Monday, October 18, 2010

Peace Connect - Luncheon

I don't have much to write about this occasion as most of it has been posted in details with pictures by Edith, Jane, Doris and Jess.

To find out more, do visit their blogs:

I must say that I am very touched by Edith for organising the activity and the rest of the fellow bloggers and non-bloggers for unconditionally responding so willingly to help out. It was indeed a very meaningful time spent with the senior citizens. Even though it was for that couple of hours, I felt we did make them feel very special.
I am also glad to have been able to meet fellow bloggers. It is a pleasure getting to know them but unfortunately as everyone was busy on that day, we had very little opportunity to 'connect' properly. Hopefully we will be able to meet up soon!


  1. Hi, Judy! Glad that you got to participate in such meaningful event: returning back to the society by cheering the elderly up, meeting up with new friends, cooking for fun and to feed people. Now that just had more than two birds killed!

    Btw, this shouldn't be labeled as "ramblings." LOL! This is a memorable journal entry that's filled with lots of meaningful moments.

    Keep it up! You're sure one busy ah-ma!

  2. That's so much fun and love shown towards the old folks. Well Done!!

  3. Hi Pei-Lin,
    You're right! I should rename this posting.
    I was very touched that many of the younger bloggers could free up time to help!

    Hi Mary,
    I'm already in the senior citizen category. I feel I still have some energy left to help where I can!

  4. Busygran, nice meeting up with you but too bad we didnt have much time to chat, hope the next gathering will be coming soon :)

  5. this look so fun, wish i can join one day.

  6. Hi Jess,
    Hope to see you at the next meet!

    Hi Sonia,
    Why not join us the next time?

  7. Hi Judy,

    it was nice meeting you at the event. I am sure everyone had lots of fun and a meaningful morning there. Cya again on the 30th =]

  8. Hi ZY,
    I guess the feeling is mutual. Hope to see you then.


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