Friday, November 5, 2010

Raisin Buns

I have not baked bread for a long time ever since my breadmaker decided to go away for good! I've had two breadmakers and both had enough of me working on them like a slave. So they ran away to some dump!

After reading so many posts on bread and buns, my fingers began to itch.
How could I possibly not bake bread for my food blog!

Today, I depended on my trusted major, Kenwood to do the job. He whined and groaned throughout the process. Oh dear! Am I such a mean taskmaster...errr..... mistress?
Thankfully all was well and I know that there will be breakfast tomorrow!

12 minutes and they were done!

I was seduced by the aroma of the bread baking in the oven. I just couldn't wait to pounce on one when they were done!


  1. Mmmm bread looks so soft and I bet it does smell amazing!!

  2. Your raisins buns nicely glossy baked. They look soft & fluffy too!

  3. I've never made buns for a long long time. Must take out my bread maker from the store room and check whether it is still working.

  4. 630am here...exactly the breakfast time for me with some oolong I need a couple of these soft buns!

  5. Your buns look so soft and fresh. I too love the aroma while the bread is baking in the oven.

  6. Look soft & good. What size tray you used, can I have the recipe pls?

  7. LOL poor breadmakers...but the kenwood shouldnt be complaining...they are supposed to be good! LOL

    the buns look fab! and the fish curry down under is making me salivate.

  8. The aroma of fresh bread baking is indeed alluring. I can only wish the raisin buns were right in front of me.

  9. J, I love raisins and going side by side with a fresh loaf of bread definitely sounded good. mmmmm... I am now being seduce to try my hand at the tang zhong method.

  10. Hi Kimberly,
    The smell of bread baking is alway amazing!

    Hi DG,
    The buns remained soft for two days.

    Hi Ann,
    Keep fingers crossed that your breadmaker still works. That's the problem with electrical appliances when they are not used.

    Hi Angie,
    I couldn't wait for breakfast. I had one immediately when it came out of the oven.

    Hi Cheah,
    Agreed about the aroma!

    Hi Pris,
    I used a 25-cm square tin. See you on facebook regarding recipe.

    Hi Zurin,
    Thanks. Kenwood is my favourite brand for cake mixer.

    Hi Mr Pineapple Man,
    Would love to send one if possible! :)

    Hi Tigerfish,
    I love freshly baked buns with some butter.

    Hi Edith,
    Raisin bread is my hub's fave. You should try the tang zhong method. It does wonders to the texture.

  11. the buns are gorgeous in colour and look so fluffy soft! well done!

  12. Looks good with a regular mixer .. forget about your bread machine. These must have been really soft and fluffy. Definitely makes me want to make some this weekend that's for sure. Heh maybe I will!

  13. so tempted to buy bread maker...hihihi

  14. oh wow, they look perfect! My bread always don't turn out right =(

  15. hot soft bread...can't beat that.

  16. the MAX!!! they look so soft and fluffy....wish i could sink my teeth into them.

  17. You are a great baker! Your buns look tempted.


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