Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baked Curry Puffs

Another attempt to make curry puffs!

This time I decided to try Zurin's recipe.
There was no sign of the spirals again, this time probably due to the egg-glaze. But the pastry is great and it tasted good.

I won't post the recipe and the method as it can be obtained from Zurin's blog: Cherry on a Cake.

The filling is the usual curry potato but I added some minced beef as requested by my hubby.


  1. Look so good busygran. Yes, you should never glaze anything that is made with two dough, i.e. water and oil dough else the spiral effects will never appear. I wonder if you can deep fry this?

  2. Sounds delicious with minced beef added in it.

  3. The filling looks chunky and good :)~

  4. Hi Quinn,
    Zurin mentioned that it can be deep-fried but I prefer mine baked, less oily.

    Hi Ann,
    It gives the puffs a meaty beefy flavour.

    Hi Noobcook,
    I like chunky rather than paste-like. I can feel the potatoes.

  5. I have been wondering if I should bake curry puffs since it is usually deep fried. I must try this.!

  6. THanks for the shout out Busygran :) M so glad u tried them n that you liked it. Yes I guess the glazing made teh spiral dissapear. no problem. a good excuse to make some more :D


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