Friday, August 20, 2010

Crocs Alive at Swampland!

My oldest grandson turned eight on Thursday. He requested for a chocolate crocodile cake.

Instead I baked him a light butter cake and threw in some chocolate chips. Frankly I was getting bored baking chocolate cakes all the time and I wanted to have a chance to do something else.

I covered the cake with chocolate frosting - that's the closest I could do to accede to his request for a chocolate cake!

Here it is!

What a mess!

The crocodiles, tree, birds and the butterflies were made of fondant with tylose added to it so that they would harden and not become sticky in this humid climate.

The 'mud', flowers and leaves were home-made marshmallow fondant. My grandsons had a whale of a time peeling off the leaves and flowers and popping them into their mouths.

I didn't allow them to eat those with tylose added as the fondant was bought and it doesn't have a nice taste.



  1. Wow what a gorgeous cake! I bet your grandson loved it.


  2. Happy Birthday to your grandson.The cros are so cute, can I order one?

  3. Whua! You are an artist apart from being such a wonderful cook! You must've made your grandson/s very-very happy...

  4. Love it, the crocs look really cool!!

  5. wow You are an ARTIST! I don't think I am ever able to make such a lovely cake!
    Happy Birthday to your grandson. And tell him that he is so lucky having a grandma like you.

  6. Happy Birthday Nate!! Your granny is so smart...what a beautiful cake she made for you!! Wow...can open a cake shop liao :D I wish I know how to do such nice decoration!

  7. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the encouraging comments. Yup! My grandson loved the cake. He's keeping the crocs. I just hope he doesn't get unwanted visitors to the house.

  8. Hi Busygran, happy birthday to your grandson. The cake is so cute, he must love it a lot :)

  9. Hello Busygran! I heard about you from some fellow bloggers during our last gathering- welcome to the world of blogging! This crocodile cake is not a mess, an amazing feat!

  10. Your grandson must be very happy, not only one but three crocodiles on his birthday cake. The cake looks fantastic!

  11. Hi busygran,

    For a moment I thought the crocodiles were toys. Like the crocodiles most, followed by the birds then the butterflies. Very cheery and well beautifully assembled. Bet you spent alot of effort into it. Great job!

  12. Cool! My son will be thrilled to see this cake! His bday's coming and he asked for a piano cake, I'm cracking my head how to go about doing it.


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