Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spicy Sting Ray (Ikan Pari)

I've been cooking rather simple fare and quite bland food for a while. It's time for a slight change of menu. My poor husband simply cannot eat bland food for too long. He doesn't care if it's for health's sake. So on days when I don't cook, he would go off and return with a big packet of Malay food and rice. To make up to him, I cooked his favourite fish - sting ray or ikan pari in Malay. It is a very easy dish to cook.

Sting ray was not a popular fish before, but now the demand for it is so great that its cost has escalated many times more. But we have to eat!

What I Used:

About 700g sting ray, cut into chunks
(Before cutting, remove the black skin(topside) or scrape with a knife to remove the 'dirt'. I prefer to remove the skin. Next scrape the white part(underside) to remove the slime. Rub salt and scrub with hands, then rinse and cut)

1 large onion, sliced
3 to 4 kaffir lime leaves
1 tomato, wedged

To be ground:
2 medium-sized onions
4 dried chillies, soaked and drained
2 fresh red chillies
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon belachan

1 packet coconut cream (I used Kara)
salt to taste

What I Did:

1. Heat oil and saute sliced onions and ground ingredients till the oil comes through.

2. Add fish and stir gently to cover the pieces with the spices.

3. Add some water and simmer till fish is cooked.

4. Add kaffir lime leaves, tomato and coconut cream and some water (depends on how much gravy you want). Add salt and bring to a boil. Remove from stove and serve.


  1. I remember eating this when I was in West of my favourite curry dishes then. I wish I can get sting ray here to cook. The meat tastes really good.

  2. Man are the same - cannot take vegetables and bland food for too long. Sometimes, I think my hb must be happy that I don't cook cos he gets to eat something different. Hahaha!

  3. Hmm ... I like this dish. Yummy to go with rice.

  4. I love spicy food, looks so appeitising!

  5. I have never eaten a sting ray till I know my hubby. Somehow, sting ray goes really well with spicy sauce. and yours looks yummy.

    Is there a possibility that I can have your email?

  6. Yummy .. would love to try out this recipe. It looks so delicious.

  7. Hi Ladies,
    I love sting ray cooked the spicy way. My husband also loves a non-spicy sting ray dish called Kuah Lada which I have posted some time ago. Thanks for coming by.

    Will post email on your blog post

  8. I have never cooked with stingray before, maybe I'll try to, one day. The only time I have stingray is the 'Ikan Bakar'. Your curry is mouthwatering!

  9. Wow, this look so spicy food and this look just right :-)

  10. Ikan Pari always reminds me of Penang... Too bad we can't get them in Sydney. Love your spicy sauce.

  11. Don't know about this fish...looks so delicious! Love especially the sauce.

  12. One of my favs! A must-eat with white rice.

  13. i wish i can find stingray in hkg T_T sobss i miss it so much!


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