Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Braised Mushroom Meat Sauce

Today I tried out Shirley's Braised Mushroom Meat Sauce.
It has a similar taste to a dish which I cook quite often minus mushroom and spice powder.
I used sliced pork fillet whereas she used minced pork.
Well I thoroughly enjoyed the dish.

Thanks Shirley for sharing. :)

Visit her blog for the recipe :

I made extra gravy to soak my rice!


  1. J, I made this too for our dinner. Gotten good feedback from my kids. Goes so well with either porride or white rice.

  2. This is really delicious that I can eat with extra rice.

  3. This looks very delicious. I'm sure it's good over rice or noodles.

  4. Hi busygran, I am eyeing on Shirley's braised minced meat too, can share some with me :P,

  5. Hi Edith,
    Yup! It's really good!

    Hi Anncoo,
    Besides rice, can eat with bread.

    Hi Mary,
    Would definitely be good with noodles, just like minced meat noodles sold if not better!

    Hi Jess,
    Can send to you by LUM (local urgent mail) :)

    Hi Shirley,
    If you happen to drop by, I want to thank you for the recipe. It is definitely a keeper.

  6. This braised mushroom sauce is so good to go with steamed rice or potatoes. Love it.

  7. I have this bookmarked too! So yummy with anything!

  8. I agree. So yummy with anything! :D

  9. You definitely have to serve rice with this delish meat dish!


  10. Easy dish, yummy & goes well with anything.

  11. This looks good with noodles and some veggie!


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