Monday, September 27, 2010

Steamed Tofu with Scallop and Salted Egg

This is one of the dishes for lunch today.

It's a very easy dish to prepare that does not require a fixed recipe.
Anyone can prepare this. Just play around with whatever ingredients and seasoning you have available.

Bottom layer - Tofu
Middle layer - Scallop
Topping - Salted egg yolk with a pinch of finely chopped garlic

Sauce preparation is a little of the salted egg white, garlic, chinese wine and a dash of light soya sauce.
Pour over the tofu.
Steam for 10 minutes and garnish with spring onions.


  1. Love your presentation and looks so delicious.

  2. Simple and nice:)
    Never thought of using salted egg to steam tofu.
    I'll try that one day.

  3. looks like a simple yet flavourful dish. I love all the ingredients :)~

  4. J, this looks really pretty. I think I will grab a box of tofu trm.

  5. Simple,yet flavourful. Will definitely KIV this! Kind of you to share!

  6. Tofu is so nutritious - have a packet in my fridge - good recipe.

  7. I love tofu, nice restuarant alike presentation!


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