Monday, September 13, 2010

Pierre Herme..... Martha Stewart...........

I hardly shop and when I do, it's with a vengeance.

Today I had steamboat buffet lunch with some friends who had retired. We would try to meet for lunch at least twice a year. Lunch was at Coca, Takashimaya. Though it was a buffet, we couldn't eat as much as we wanted - you know the eating capability and capacity reduce as one gets older! ;P
But eating wasn't the main agenda. It was more to catch up with one another and perhaps sometimes to reminisce about old times.

After lunch, we went window shopping and I strayed into Kinokuniya Bookstore. I made a beeline for the food and drinks book section. Shelves of cooking and baking books were beckoning to be touched, to be held, to be browsed and to be bought. I spent about an hour and a half looking around. And with very eager hands, I flipped the pages of the books.

To cut the story short, I bought 4 baking books and they cost me $176.97!!

Check out the chocolate! Absolutely decadent!

Sinfully scrumptious!


Pure Delight!

These books will be my bedtime stories and I'll be dreaming sweet dreams! :)

I am looking forward to trying out the recipes and shall be posting them.


  1. Haha!!! I would be buying them too if I see all of these at that price.
    Books like these easily cost RM100 above here.

  2. Busygran, looking forward for your bakes from these books :)

  3. Delicious cookbooks! Can't wait for you to make something yummy from them!

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Even in s'pore, books are not cheap.

    Hi Jess & Ellie,
    Already in the reading and bookmarking process!

  5. Wouw!! Very interesting 'bedtime stories books' you bought. Hahahaha ... Looking forward to see your baking version on the recipes soon :)

  6. Hi DG,
    Coming soon or Akan datang!

  7. Wow wow wow.... can't wait to see all your bakes from these books.

  8. I thought I'm the only one who commit compulsive book shopping...haha. It's very therapeutic, right? Bet to have sweet dreams when you read during bedtime :D Baking is more therapeutic. Hope to see come nice desserts on your blog soon.

  9. Hey busygran
    Hope you will only bring the books to bed and not the yummy cakes too. Someone will be feeling left out!!

    Your blog is inspiring me so much. Keep kneading! Don't let the sweatdrops fall on your dough!! Hee!

  10. Hi Edith,
    Reading feverishly to make my choices!

    Hi Mary,
    Hope I won't disappoint you and all.

    Hi Sue,
    Glad you dropped by. Thanks for visiting! I've got sweat-proof skin! :P

    Hi Christine,
    Am excited and raring to start. Got to wait for a free day.

  11. Hi Busygran,

    Congrats on your new books! you should subscribe to Borders' newsletter. They have very good deals sometimes, like 25-30% off on 2 or more books.

    Being the price sensitive book shopper, I can tell that chocolate desserts by pierre herme is the most expensive among them all followed by martha stewart cupcakes.

    I just bought 7 asian bake books myself recently, haha.

    Have a good time using and reading them.


  12. Hi Bakertan,
    I did sub to borders. I happened to be at Taka and just popped in at Kino. Just couldn't resist the books!

  13. I've a cookbook addict too - I have a bookshelf full of them. There are never enough cookbooks :)

  14. Wow....starting to bake a storm soon, ya? :D

  15. Hi Melanie,
    Don't we all always never get enough of such books! :)

    Hi Tigerfish,
    Slowly building up to a storm. Stiil reading and bookmarking! :)

  16. wow.. you'll have a great time reading and trying out the recipes!


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