Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Hari Raya Treat

For the past twelve years our friendly Muslim neighbour , a family of five, has been generously giving us delicious Hari Raya food. On the eve of every Hari Raya, we would be given a tray of a few dishes. We appreciate their gesture very much. They are very nice and friendly people.
Sometimes, I want to reciprocate by baking them cookies or cakes. Unfortunately I can't because my kitchen isn't halal. So I always end up buying them fruits.

This year, this is what we just had for our dinner - Chicken with turmeric and tamarind juice, beef heart sambal, beef rendang, potato patties and rice with serondeng and fried shallots.
Dinner was yummy and we practically clean up every dish!

So to all my Muslim friends and all other Muslims, I wish you all a


  1. The chicken looks like my type of food...shallot fritters with steamed rice...that sounds wonderful too.

  2. You can lucky to have such good neighbours :)


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