Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Home Alone"

My good husband is away on a 5-day fishing trip in Malaysia at some obscure island called Pulau Dayang. I went there last year in April. Heat aside, the fishing was fantastic - I had never caught so many fish in my life. There are chalets on the island for fishing enthusiasts and divers who would usually stay for 3 days to a week. It is beautiful, unspoilt and idyllic except for the chalets. The water around is crystal clear and from the jetty (my favourite part of the island) I could see the corals and the fishes swimming around (see pics) - something we can never get in Singapore any more (way back in the 1950s, the water at Changi Beach was similar). And mind you, the islanders there do not litter!

So what have I been up to? Nothing much, except to turn the house upside-down, 'junking' stuffs which I am going to send to a donation centre at Waterloo Street. My meals are simple since my younger girl doesn't come home for dinner. Been trying to finish whatever food I have in the freezer because I have to free up space for the fish my dear husband will be bringing home Friday night. Oh no! I dread all the cleaning and scaling!!!!

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