Wednesday, April 28, 2010

JB Visit

Last Friday, I went to JB for seafood and a visit to an ostrich farm. The visit to the farm was an eventful one 'cos one of us lost a diamond ear stud to an ostrich. The 'culprit' took a peck on her ear when she wanted to pose for a photo with it. It was certainly an expensive snack for the ostrich! LOL! The owner of the farm was kind enough to drive the earring owner to the police station to make a report so that she could claim from insurance. Hmmm.... I am not sure how it works.

As usual wherever we go, it's typical of us Singaporeans to shop, shop, shop! Well I ended up buying some 'otah' which our tour guide did her best sales pitch to convince us of how 'deliciosa' the otah is. Anyhow I ordered 6 packs at about five ringgit plus per pack which was much cheaper than the ones I used to buy in Singapore.

Well I had one pack for lunch today. I'll post about it later after work.
Hasta luego!

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