Monday, July 5, 2010

My Latest Addition

Oh gee!
Another restless night!
So I am back to playing with fondant.
This time - it's flowers!


  1. I love all your fondant pieces, they are beautiful ... I don't have the patience or talent to do this hehe

  2. Hi Noobcook,
    Thanks. I copied them from books. Yup, definitely requires patience and time.

    Hi Wendy,
    Arum lily is the easiest of all the flowers I made.

  3. These flowers are so delicate. I'm sure they will make a good decoration on any cakes. The fuchsia certainly got my attention. great job!

  4. Hi Bakertan,
    Appreciate your comments. Thanks. The fuchsia is supposed to dangle downwards from a stem. Too sleepy by then to complete.

  5. Very beautiful fondant flowers. Hope I got time to make these like you.

  6. All flowers are beautiful, especially on the second picture. Hope to see you decorate it on your cake, they must be stunning.

  7. Hi DG,
    Would love to do a cake. Got to wait for family members' birthdays. I stopped taking orders from others.

  8. all the flowers fondants are so beautiful, hope I am able to churn up these someday :)

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  10. Hi Ann,
    Yup, they take time to make. But the advantage is these can be done way ahead and stored in air-tight container and they last a long time.

  11. Wow these fondant flowers are beautiful!

    You left a comment for my Oat Cookies but I was unable to publish it. Would you mind trying again so I can see if I am having problems with comments, thanks.


  12. Hi Ann,
    Yes, it takes time to make them. You can make them earlier and store them for future use.

  13. I wish I am your neighbour, then we can have a session together.

  14. OMG! the roses! calla lilies! frangipani! sooo cuteeee!!!

  15. Hi Jess,
    Enjoyable and therapeutic. Try it.

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks. I have problems replying. They don't appear and I would reply and my initial reply would reappear and end up with 2 replies.

    Hi Edith,
    I'll be doing 2 sessions on flower-making. If you from the east, join me.

    Hi Rita,
    Thanks. Try it , it's fun!

  16. They are very lovely taken with your old camera? Considering from the west. Course detail: $, when & where?

  17. Hi Pris,
    Yes my old camera did the job. Email me:

  18. Hi busygran, I am from east n I am intersted, wil email u n jst hope the timing can match :)

  19. Hi Jess,
    Will let you know when.

  20. Wow! This is so beautiful! You really have the patience to generate beautiful stuff! :)


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