Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Do you have leftover cake?

Don't know what to do with it?

Here's a solution......




I love to bake and I have this perennial problem of finishing up the products. Not that my family doesn't like cakes or other baked stuffs, it's the calorie count that bothers them. ;p

Sometimes I give away, sometimes I freeze, sometimes I 'recycle'???

I MAKE RUM BALLS and it never fails - they are snapped up within a day or two....hmmm.....

What I used:

About 250g leftover cake
50g cherries (I omitted this - didn't want the extra sweetness)
80g walnuts, chopped (I used walnuts only)
80g almond, roasted and chopped

2 teaspoons cocoa or less, diluted with a little water to paste (I used 100g cooking chocolate, melted)
1 tablespoon rum or rum-flavoured paste (for those who can't take rum)
Some condensed milk enough to bind the mixture (I used some leftover buttercream)

Some chocolate rice or desiccated coconut

What I did:

1. Put everything into a mixing bowl and mix till combined.

2. Roll mixture into balls.

3. Roll in chocolate rice or coconut.
If you want a more chocolatey taste, roll the balls in some melted chocolate and then roll in chocolate rice. (The chocolate rice sticks better)

4. Refrigerate to store. Serve any time.

Mini Rum Balls


  1. I'm not sure where you're from but in Malaysia where I spent my childhood, we have this bakery called King's Confectionery and Baker's Cottage and this two shops always have rum balls, presented exactly just like yours. I always wonder what they're made from cuz they're dense, packed and chewy and pretty good tasting stuff. Leftover cakes, that's what it is!!! Now why didn't I thought of that. Nah...actually I did, but not rum balls, cake pops instead!

  2. Hi Busygran, the rumballs must b very yummy. I always thinking of making the cake balls for the balance/remaining cakes but always didnt make it, too lazy liao hee hee hee...

  3. Wow looks yummy and not too much hassle to prepare. hope to try this soon. thanks for sharing Busygran! :)

  4. Now I know what those chocolate balls at bakeries are made of. Leftover cakes.

    It's ok for homemade ones, we knew how long the cake was made and how we stored the cake, whether the cake was mouldy or not. But bakeries.. gosh!!!!

  5. Hi Quinn,
    I'm from Singapore. Cake pops are about the same, perhaps prettier if decorated.

    Hi Jess,
    Try it, it's easy to make. Sometimes I use cakes that didn't turn out the way I want especially trying out new recipes from books.

    Hi Pearly,
    It is yummy if you add in enough chocolate and rum.

    Hi Wendy,
    I never eat those sold at bakeries. The same goes for mooncakes.

  6. My hubby loves rum balls. So now I know how this is being done.

  7. Hi Edith,
    You should give it a try. It's like eating chocolate.

  8. myworldlykitchenJuly 8, 2010 at 5:13 PM

    I like what you did, I hope I can be more like you.. whoooo.. and your cake decorations are beautiful.

  9. Oh my, these look so good!!

    My hubby is going back to Singapore next Monday on business. He says it's beautiful there and very HOT and humid.


  10. Hi myworldlykitchen,
    Thanks, I just like everyone else, trying out new things now and then.

    Hi Maria,
    They are indeed easy and nice. They didn't last long. A good way to use up leftover cakes.
    If you love the sun, Singapore is fine. Perhaps one of these days, you could come over with your husband. Plenty of eating places - one of Singapore's pastime.

  11. This is definitely an adult dessert and looks so yummy. Have not tried this yet but will keep it in mind should I have left over cake.

  12. Hi Jo,
    Definitely suitable for leftovers. Can play around with the recipe and get different flavours etc.


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